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7 Decentralized Units

Regional Administrative Divisions

Following the passage and implementation of the Kallikratis reform Law 3852 of 2010), the administration of the Greek regional and local governance has been reshaped into three level structure. At the third level at top and under the ministry of interior there are organized 7 financially autonomous decentralized administrative units, (apokentromenes dioikiseis) having their seats within their respective geographical jurisdictions. These organizations are run by central government appointed general secretaries. To assist these non elected officials to exercise general government's devoled powers an advisory council is drawn from the local peripheriarches and representatives of the municipalities.The functions of these 7 central government agencies are in the areas of urban planning, environmental and energy policy, forestry, migration and citizenship. In addition to these main functions, they are responsible of overseeing the second and first-level self-governing units: the region (peripheries) and municipalities (dimoi).

The second level of the new administrative structure consists of 13 self governed elected political bodies known as Peripheries. The function of these units are related to planning, programming and development in the areas of agriculture, livestock, fisheries, natural resources, energy, industry, water management, mineral resources, industry and crafts, employment, trade, tourism, transport, communications, public works, health, education, culture, sports, civil protection, and logistics,  

The links to the websites of third and second level administrative regional units are listed below.  The links to the websites of first level governing bodies (dimoi) are more likely to be found - if they exist - within the list of the peripheries websites.  

1 Attica (Seat Athens)


2.  Macedonia-Thrace (Seat Thessaloniki)

 3. Epirus-Western Macedonia (Seat Ioannina)

4.  Thessaly-Central Greece (Seat Larisa)

5. Peloponnesus-Western Greece & Ionian (Seat Patras)

6. Aegean (Seat Peraeus)

7.  Crete (Seat Heraclion)


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